How It Works

When you find your new dream home call us to schedule an appointment to visit the home. We will be happy to schedule a time to meet you at the property and discuss the property and how you can purchase the property.

Gratitude Owner Financed Homes is not like a bank that scrutinizes all your past present financial status. We don’t make you pay off or pay down credit card debts, child support, new loans, such as a car or other land mines that stop you from achieving home ownership like financial institutions require. What we focus is the down payment on the home, your ability to make the payments and your current job status. Your credit score time on our current job or if your self employed is not our primary focus. Banks require mortgage protection insurance which increases your monthly payment, we don’t!

What we do require is a minimum 10% payment on the property. You must have a job. You must have a current driver license or passport for identification. You must show that you have the ability to make the payment. Buyers will be responsible for the buyers closing costs on the home.

Since the housing crisis in 2008 congress enacted Dodd Frank. This law states that we must make sure that you have the ability to make the payments on your new home. To comply with this law you Gratitude Owner Financed Homes must perform a RMLO (residential loan mortgage origination). You will have to pay for this service at your own cost after you enter into the agreement to buy your dream home. This is a non-refundable cost that you will incur and is performed by a third party. After completion of the RMLO we can move forward on the completion of you loan package and into your new home. This process can be as quick as 2-3 weeks. 

Gratitude Owner Financed Homes come in many forms. Most of our home are move in ready. Many of our buyers want something they can fix up after they move into the property. Some of our homes are not updated, but they have good bones. We do not generally paint the inside of the homes we sell. The reason for this is simple, the lady of the houses wants it her way. 

If your looking for a home and cannot meet the requirements of a traditional financial lender Gratitude Owner Financed Homes is waiting to help purchase a home.

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