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Our mission is to assist you the customer, help you find a home that you love and can afford with owner financing that is available to you.

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Terry Knight has been buying & selling real estate since he was 18 years old. He realized that there were many  prospective buyers who wanted to buy a home, but found that the 30% of those applicants couldn't qualify for one or more reasons. He believes that all should be able to have home ownership and the benefits that are included in their Lifetime Dream.....

Family Owned

Family Owned



Susan has been in the legal profession for 30 years. She became enthusiastic about financing homes for people that were challenged by lending institutions and their requirements. She believes that everyone should enjoy the benefits of home ownership. Susan speaks Spanish and is more than willing to speak in a buyer’s predominant language. 

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The Application Process

Nervous whether or not you are going to be approved to buy your dream home? The application process is easy at Gratitude Owner Financed Homes. Our first requirement is that you must be employed. We are not as concerned so much about your credit score as your ability to make your monthly payments. Then we run a loan origination in order to confirm that you can afford your home. It's just that Simple! 


All transactions are conducted through a reputable title company and overseen by a real estate attorney. Payments are made to a servicing company, so you can be assured your payments, taxes and insurance on your new home are being made on a timely basis. We report your payment history to all the standard credit reporting agencies so that your credit reflects timely payment and keep your credit in good standing.



At Gratitude Owner Finance Homes, integrity is more than a goal or moral guidepost, it's an unbending standard for how we conduct business. It is this standard, paired with our commitment to clear and consistent communication with our customers and produce a smooth and clear path throughout the purchase of you new home.

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